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Cost of Treatment

A Standard appointment (Up to 30 minutes) includes assessment, advice on treatment options and treatment of your condition. This is usually sufficient for most occasions, although longer appointments may be required depending on the condition. 

The treatment cost may not include the cost of some medicaments which may be be required both at the time of treatment and for further ongoing treatments.

All fees will be agreed prior to treatment commencement.

Outline costs of treatment may be found below

Treatment Costs: Welcome

Treatments Available and Cost.

See also seperate 'Specialist Treatment' buttons above

Treatment Costs: Services

Standard Appointment for General Footcare and Maintenance

A standard 30 minute appointment is sufficient for most instances to treat routine conditions. The price includes establishing a diagnosis, treatment and basic dressings.

This includes general nail maintenance, corn removal, calluses, ingrown nails and dry skin.

Some dressings, devices and medicaments used during the treatment may incur an additional charge, which will be agreed before the commencement of treatment.

Standard Appointment - from £37

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Longer Appointments - £45 (45 minutes)

Some treatment procedures may involve a longer appointment depending on how widespread they are and the additional time required to treat.

Regular Routine Nail Cutting and Burring

Following an initial regular appointment as described above, regular repeat nail cutting and nail thickness reduction will be charged at a reduced rate at the discretion of the practitioner.

If further treatment for other issues is also required, then a standard appointment fee will apply.

Nail Cutting and Maintenance - from £26

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