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Specialist Fungal Nail Treatment

Nail Fenestration Technique

Why are Fungal Infections so Difficult to Treat?

The majority of fungal nail infections are situated underneath the nail plate and this makes it very difficult for treatments applied to the nail to soak through and get to the real source of the infection.

What is Fenestration?

Nail fenestration involves burring small holes into those affected nails, which allows an antifungal treatment to be applied through the nail plate to the infected area underneath. This kills off the fungal elements, allowing the infected part of the nail to grow out to leave a healthy nail.

This treatment is suitable for individuals who have an infection in the nail plate which has not spread down to the nail matrix (at the base of the nail where the skin covers the nail plate).

Treatment Costs:

This varies according to the severity of the infection and the number of nails which are affected. Usually four visits will be required, but this may vary.

1 nail affected - £50 per appointment

2-5 nails affected - £75 per appointment

6 or more nails - £100 per appointment

Where a full course of 4 appointments is booked and paid for at the first appointment, a 25% discount will be applied, the equivalent of one free appointment.

The treatment will ususally involve several repeat visits, but this will be discussed on an individual basis, depending on the severity of the infection.

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